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2,000,000 TomahawkCoin BOUNTY Campaign

Tomahawkcoin 1 Months+ 104

  1. Waves Platform based Tomahawkcoin was minted with the intention to bridge the two worlds of trading virtual currency and the equity ownership in Tomahawk Exploration LLC. With a solid business plan and business model, designed to maintain and thereby increase the initial value of the ICO, we are distinct from Paycoin and other failed promises hidden behind virtual currencies in the past which had no business plan and highly priced from the gate, Tomahawkcoin will be priced at $0.05, or its USD equivalency in the currently wide and most popular used digital currency, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Tomahawk Exploration LLC Business Registration

  1. The total Tomahawkcoin number will be set at 200,000,005 coins, and our intention is to have the coin trade on all applicable exchanges.

  2. The bold ICO price objective and confident time horizon goal of 18 months is based on the legitimacy of Tomahawk Exploration LLC, an oil & gas exploration company, managed by David Laurance and registered in Nevada with HQ in California.

4.The time horizon of 18 months is fundamental to the initial ICO, whereas ICO capital will be used to place Tomahawk Exploration LLC (The Company) into a publicly traded company on the OTC Market and fund the cost of drilling the 10 wells available.

  1. The Company will transition from private to public in approximately 10 to 18 months and drilling is expected to commence in 6 to 10 months. After the 18-month holding period, all ICO owners of Tomahawkcoin are eligible to exchange Tomahawkcoin for the equivalent value in Gift Share(s) from the public Company priced at the close of market on the day of conversion.

  2. The estimated price of $0.05 USD price per Tomahawkcoin is based on the IPO (Initial Public Offering) price expectation of the Company set to start trading on the OTC Market at no less than $0.05, and 200,000,000 shares outstanding. Due to the volatility of market conditions, known fluctuations in capital markets, changes in economic variables, and risk inherent to the energy sector, there is no guarantee as to price and / or timing which is subject to change. There is no guarantee, implied, or otherwise, as far as, the price of Tomahawkcoin is concerned on any currency traded exchange, since the parity of which Tomahawkcoin will trade for, and against, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dogecoin, have no set price, and no price guarantee in any way or form, due to the constant price volatility of these coins, known to carry their own risk of losing USD value.

The business plan provided by the Company is believed to increase the demand for Tomahawkcoin on digital currency exchange markets, such as Bittrex, Poloniex, and others. Pre-IPO ownership is exclusively available and may only be obtained prior to the public registration of the Company through Tomahawkcoin purchase, salaries to appointed employees and Bounties earned for tasks performed. Coin and share equivalency: Additional Tomahawkcoins into the market may be exchanged for additional Gift Shares of the publicly traded Company.

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All Bounties registered and submitted will be paid at the end of the day to all contestants.

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Come join us, don't be left behind, instead be a part of it.

100 Tomahawkcoins per one address, for anyone that will post their WAVES Wallet address in the comments below. and a guaranteed account follow from us.

TomahawkCoin is a True Token of Appreciation,
it Pays to Play,
Happy Hunting.

Thank You All for your Support.

The Team @Tomahawkcoin

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