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Tomahawkcoin is one step closer…

Tomahawkcoin 1 Months+ 71

We are proud to announce that, Tomahawkcoin has gotten verified by WAVES platform today and is one step closer to a successful introduction to the great world of cryptocurrency.

Earning a “Green Check” not only allows Tomahawkcoin to trade on the DEX trading platform of WAVES under the symbol TOM, but proves the team behind Tomahawk is determined to be transparent and follow up in the right direction every Token should take.

Even though we are listed for an upcoming Crowdsale on, the Tomahawkcoin Crowdsale date has yet to be determined, since attention to detail and preparations are vital for a successful run, taking in consideration past events of other ICO’s which failed to deliver or even hold a hack free ICO such as Coindash, with a loss of over $9 Mil USD to a simple switch of addresses that cost investors money and most needed faith in future investments.

Nobody can afford these failures, such events need to run smooth without flaws and hack free, otherwise a beautiful business plan with a fancy website design, become anything but a business and it’s left with investors holding up pitchforks and a shamed team looking for an escape goat.

Etherscan Showing over 9 Mil USD in Ethereum Value.
What we learned as the team behind Tomahawkcoin from this tragic event, is focus more on cyber security than smooth graphic design and fancy labels.

What we learned as investors and others should follow suit, is very important and less costly to do your due diligence about who you spend money with and how will you benefit from it.

From board forums, we discovered many investors looking to find out the true names of the individuals behind the developing team of Coindash , when the hack news was first announced. That it is not only absurd but very ignorant, taking in consideration many warnings on forums about their already flawed project, showing weakness in security regarding a successful run.

I would never invest a dime in a company that already had secured $7 Mil from early bird investors, but has no phone number listed if one needs to hear a human voice over concerns they may have prior to investing or during the investing period.

Tomahawkcoin team not only has a face, but an established record in society, addresses and phone numbers anyone can call and verify.
Even though we feel terrible for losses incurred the initial investment in Coindash by investors which believed , and the effect will have on future ICO’s, but common sense is needed when making these decisions to invest.

Earned knowledge is when you do your due diligence, and earned experience is when you don’t. In this case experience was earned in a form of loss, sad but true.

We, at Tomahawkcoin, encourage people to ask questions, be curious, call numbers, search the web for names mentioned in the group involved with the project, don’t just rely on website design and pumps on social media, if a group of developers can afford money for pumps and design, why can’t they offer a hotline where a person awaits to pick up the phone with ready answers for questions investors may have about their investment ?

We certainly hope this incident does not destroy confidence in future investments, but only paves the road for a better, smarter and more knowledgeable investor, as well as a more determined investor to recover losses with solid projects in the future.

One thing we cannot give to the failed community involved in the crypto world, is closure, that needed closure and lost funds, can only be given by those that lured investors for their personal enrichment, but what we can offer is a solid business plan ran by a transparent team of people with a face and flawless background.

On that last note, we invite you to our site, blogs, forums and together we can set a better standard for future ICO’s and Crowdsales.

God bless you all, and good riddance, the Tomahawkcoin team welcomes everyone.

Please visit us at

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