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ICO Form - follow up and ammendment

karlavi 7 Days+ 24



I am writing you today on behalf of PROPY, an ICO project that is set to launch the crowdsale for the PRO token on July 25th, 2017. We are interested in collaborating with you, in order to appear in the ICO calendar on your website. We have already submitted the ICO form provided by your website. Unfortunately I did not receive an answer regarding the listing.

I would appreciate an update and would also like to ammend the launch date which was originally set on July 20. Right now it is  to be officially launched on July 25.


PROPY is a Global Property Store with Decentralized Title Registry. You can view the official token sale website here:

We consider that this project has value for your target audience and could benefit from this information.


Looking forward to a possible collaboration with you.


Best regards,


Karla Vilhelem
Marketing Manager
AZ Blockchain inc.

Linkedin: karla-vilhelem



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