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[ANN] CGC- Online Card Games

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CGC Project is a brilliant multiplayer and multiplatform implementation of a card game engine. And it makes you earn money!

CGC Project game engine is designed to be a general purpose core for several modules, each defining a specific game behaviour.
Download the portable platform software with your modules of interest. Launch the software, it connects to the server of the game you chose. Once connected, all aspects of the trading, collecting and playing are immediatly available to the investor or the player.
Each game has an instant 24/7 automated player to player market, no house fees. 
Server offers several tools to manage player’s collection, an easy deckbuilding and  deck importing system.

Magic The Gathering will be our first game instance, with a dedicated and alwais open game server.
Integrated deck legality check grants a fair game environment, different game formats are available.  
Realistic products simulation and historically accurate booster compositions makes "sealed mode" competitive (for whatever collectible card game we will implement in a close future). We're currently testing Pokémon and Star Wars collectible card games. They will be released in a future update.

In the specific MTG server, new Magic booster editions will be added every month.  They'll two different timelines, for both Vintage and Modern players. 
Rotating gameplay environment will grant fun and interesting business chances.
In-game tokens will provide instant transactions for purchasing boosters or trading cards with other players. Tokens will be convertible 1:1 with CardGamesCoin.

We clearly aim to migrate as soon as possible whole database on a counterparty/blockchain environment. We're currently testing a couple of solutions, but we obviously need to hire more staff: that's the reason this crowdfunding is made for.
Our resemblance with Spells of Genesis or similar games stops here. 

When you will read our whitepaper ( you will notice our project is something different. 
We do not offer a single game, we're offering a modular platform, several (low resources demanding) subservers for each different card game may be attached to a main unit. 

Each subserver (single game) manage 4 layers:
1)"Boosters (or starters) minting" to accurately emulate booster packs you may buy in a collectible card game shop.
2)"your unique collection" of whatever card game a developer/company may publish, past and future. Even YOUR game, if you submit us a good project, correct.
3)"deck building tools" to create or import/export decks list, with an integrated deck legality check before every match. 
Would you like to re-play 2016 MTG World Championship Final with your friend? In a few clicks you may load finalist deck list and do it Wink  
4)"a peer to peer live market, no fees" to trade 24/7 cards at best possible price with other players. This is also a main difference with other games. 
We solved two issues of cards trading: possible scams (you pay a player for a card you won't receive) and difficulty to find a specific card salesman (lack of a user friendly research engine, lack of a "wish card list" system, lack of "best price" tools). CGC project automated everything in a p2p live market, available in-game at no-fees.
No one will ever be tempted to buy or sell a card outside CGC environment.

A lot of "1-4 player table instances" may be attached to a single suberver. We will provide enough tables, but in a future release players may attach their own instance for profit, tests were succesfull. We will provide a currency (and a convertible in-game token for instant transactions and bets management). 50% of CGC funds we collect with in-game boosters sale go back to players trough bonuses/tournaments, 20% of BTC funds we collect selling cards trough the shop will be used to purchase CGC on exchanges, sustaining price and financing whatever activity players/investors/collectors may demand (e.g. tournaments prizes/burn money/bonus for a complete, registered, collection.

Please do not see "Card Games Coin project"as a "game": it's more like an highly configurable, "Modular implementation of a card game engine".
We may even create "Bitcointalk Card Game" and implement it as a sub-server of CGC Project. 

Magic The Gathering has been choosen as first server as example to show investors the true potential of the software, that card game requires a lot of coding for hand/deck/gamefield user interactions and as you will see in our video previews it already has almost 24,000 cards and dozens of editions already implemented inside..
Also MTG has a huge market cap, rarest cards are worth a lot of money, this shouldn't hurt.  Wink 
Give a look at our whitepaper if you're interested, we may update it if necessary.

A browser version of the game and an Android one is under development and will be integrated
into the project as soon as possible. Our first goal is integrating the game into a classical QT
interface, in order to link each player/trader to his wallet. This step is necessary to begin
decentralize onto a blockchain environment cards/collection and game/bets results.

That’s the reason this crowdfunding is made for: in a future release, CGC currency will be used
as an in-game means of exchange. Counterparty tokens may be assigned to cards in CGC which
means you will be able to trade cards freely within and outside the game app.
We believe players should have full ownership of their game cards. Once players acquire a game
asset, they should be free to own and transfer it.
We're confident CGC can set a new standard for online card gaming. 

21 Millions coins will be issued: 99% will be shared among investors (proprtionally to investment), 1% will be kept in a public Developement Fund for Bounties,  January tournament prizes, rewards. Zerocoin protocol will grant investor's transactions privacy.

Best 20 early investors will be rewarded and will receive an invite for the pre-release event scheduled on December, 26th.

CGC Support and get in contact with us. We would like to hear your opinion about CGC Project. 

Thank you and see you in game! 

Kind regards,
Lukaas Koskinen, CEO

• CGC Website

• CGC Support

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Slack

• CGC's official ticker: CGC (Card Games Coin)
• CGC's official currency symbol: ¢
• Block Time: 60 seconds
• Stake Min Age: ~1 hour
• Coinbase Maturity: 6
• Supply: 21 million CGC + 1% Annual POS 

The bitcoin escrow address is ***NOT FOR DIRECT INVESTING***: 


        Check if your investment is forwarded to the escrow address and alarm SebastianJu when this did not happen!

        ONLY invest after reading his terms regarding how to invest so that a refund can happen for you because you sent your investment provable. Check the safety he can provide, the refund terms and the refund fees, including the minimum refund fee:

        Please check occasionally that the escrow address in OP is the same like it is in escrow post and inform him quickly and negrep the dev if it changed.

        Announcement translation bounty is 1,000 CGC. We may ask you for a very small weekly update to announce the pre-release event. Something like "Media pre-release will be kept on xx december, Mr xxxxx and Mrs yyyyyyy will provide a fair review of the game and the market engine", nothing too long.
        Post your candidature if you're interested!

        • Indonesian  Reserved by kaconk
        • Espanol       eserved by th3nolo
        • Chinese       Reserved by btcdie with 50% bonus for another chinese translation
        • Hrvatski
        • Deutsch       Reserved by weilichesbin
        • Français       Reserved by Koko UK
        • Greek          Reserved by realm
        • Indian         Reserved by jamalaezaz
        • Italian         Reserved by davide72
        • Dutch
        • Korean        Reserved by rolings
        • Philippines   Reserved by jwiz168
        • Portuguese  Reserved by ShooterXD
        • Polski
        • Romanian
        • Russian        Reserved by hatsheput93
        • Slovenian     Reserved by simple858
        • Turkish        Reserved by torikan


        Coin Image Bounty is 5,000 CGC.  Post your coin logo here (max size 400x400px): a contest will be organized soon! 

        1 Month node hosting bounty is 1,000 CGC.  5x slots available. (Node bounties will be paid weekly)

        Signature Campaign Budget is 20,000 CGC and we need a manager/designer for it. Apply now, details (and your percentage fee) will be discussed privately, then announced here, please remember funds are taken from Public Development Fund.

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